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Noah Bowling

Founder, Partner and President

Noah has worked in the construction industry for 10 years, and graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a BS in Construction Management.

Noah has been a part of every aspect of the construction industry and is most passionate about delivering a top quality product to customers, while maintaining honesty and integrity and providing excellent customer service.

"Using the right technique is absolutely

essential in the construction process and

many times builders struggle to produce the 

quality that Timber Creek Construction is

able to produce because of our techniques

and attention to detail."

Noah previously worked for Collier Construction in Chattanooga and decided to follow a dream he has had since he was young, of owning his own construction company. Through Timber Creek Construction Noah hopes he can improve the industry standard for quality in construction, by providing processes and techniques he has developed through many years of experience, in order to deliver the best quality and most value possible.

Away from work Noah enjoy's spending time with his wife, Stephanie, and two daughters. They enjoy the outdoors of Chattanooga and spending time with friends. They are both involved with their church, Calvary Chapel Chattanooga.

Read more about Noah and his story on how Timber Creek Construction came about here.


Chuck Layton

Partner and Head of Operations

Chuck has lived veritable tour de Tennessee being born in Nashville, growing up in Knoxville, and now living in Chattanooga. Not surprisingly, he’s been in the construction industry since high school when he earned his keep by cleaning up job sites. He would later earn a degree in environmental & soil science with a minor in construction management at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

Chuck has worked on framing crews. He’s played the remodeling game. Throughout his time in the construction industry he’s built close to 100 new homes. At Timber Creek Construction, however, he’s on to something new and different. He’s found a new level of satisfaction in his profession:


"For me it’s the systematic approach of problem solving. I have built enough houses to know that the customer does not always receive a product that they are satisfied with. It’s the attention to detail and a construction process that is built around good core values and efficiency that serves the customer best, and that's what  gets me excited."

Chuck previously worked for Collier Construction, where he met Noah and they began to kindle an immediate friendship. Chuck and Noah bonded over the realization that “Bigger” builders around town simply can’t keep customers as their primary concern. At Timber Creek Construction, Chuck is able to tackle bigger, more challenging projects and developments while constantly asking the question, “How can we make this process better for our customers?”

Chuck and his wife Hannah attend Bayside Baptist Church where they volunteer their time weekly. Hannah, too, is very committed to her job as a teacher at the Bright School.

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